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RatioTek introduces new tuner kit for Ram trucks

RatioTek has announced a new transmission tuner kit for the AS69RC transmission, a six-speed automatic transmission that was made for Dodge by the Japanese gearbox manufacturer Aisin Seiki. The kit fits 2013 and later 3500/4500/5500 Ram trucks. According to the company, the kit recalibrates clutch solenoids for increased clutch oil apply pressures. It installs from

Honda Accord BB7A six-speed: P2720 code set after collision

The complaint A 2015 Honda Accord with a 3.5-liter engine and the BB7A six-speed transmission (seen in figure 1, above), was involved in a minor collision to the left front of the vehicle. The vehicle was drivable and was taken to the transmission shop. Vehicle diagnostics revealed a P2720 “Pressure Control Solenoid D Voltage Low”

Alto introduces new line of filters for Ford Focus, Eco Sport

Alto has introduced a new line of filters for Ford 6F15 transmissions in Focus and Eco Sport models. Applications include: Alto #204944 (pictured above): Ford 6F15 Focus 2016-2018, Eco Sport 2018 (Outlet Height 0.990″, Inlet Height 0.248″). OEM #FD8Z-7A098C. Alto #204944A: Ford 6F15 Eco Sport 2018-2020 (Outlet Height 0.920″, Inlet Height 0.330″). OEM #GN1Z-7A098A.

Ford 6F50 – The Other Six-Speed Transmission

When Ford and GM got together to jointly develop the new FWD six-speed transmission family, they apparently agreed upon the basic architecture and operation allowing for the unique requirements of both companies. As they say, however, the devil is in the details. While many of the components of the 6F50 and 6T70 are the same, there are certainly differences due to design or the suppliers used. Although GM decided to designate some of the most noticeable changes to the 6T70 as GEN 1 or Gen 2, the Ford changes are mainly designated by the month and year that they occur. Before ordering replacement components for either transmission family, make sure to specify the precise application.

Hyundai/Kia 6-Speed Automatic Transmissions: Part 1

Although Hyundai was not the first manufacturer to offer a six-speed automatic transmission, they ultimately made up for lost time. In 2009 the car company released a series of six-speed transmissions to accommodate a wide range of Hyundai and Kia applications. The transmissions can be FWD or AWD and are rather compact in design. There are three basic levels or sizes that can overlap vehicle models and engine displacements.