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The Manifold Pipeway

The Honda six-speed transmission has been on the bench of many specialty shops for one reason or another (figure 1). But, for those of you who have yet to lay your hands on one, mounted on the upper side of the unit is one of the largest, if not the largest solenoid and pressure switch

4L60E Harsh 1-2 Shift

The 4L60E transmission platform has been in service from 1993-2015; that’s 22 years. It amazes me when a transmission that has been around for this long can throw a new twist on a common problem and blindside you. Let us have a look at the systems and potential problems in a 4L60E that can cause

Shift Pointers: Mazda Sensitive to Pressure

A Mazda with the “SKYACTIVE” FW6A-EL transmission uses pressure switches to monitor the clutch application. When engagement pressure is supplied to the applicable clutch and brake, the oil pressure switch contact point closes. The TCM detects that clutch engagement pressure is supplied to the clutch/brake by opening/closing the oil pressure switch contact point. There have

The Long and Winding Road Test

The tale of a hot RE5R05A

Persistent P2757 DTC

When the vehicle was scanned, a P2757 code was pulled which is a solenoid performance code for the SLU (TCC) solenoid.

It’s the Little Things That Matter

Whenever a transmission fails to work correctly after a rebuild, a small error like cross-connecting speed sensors can cause a major headache. It does not take much to correct this error if you know it occurred, but when you do not, a small error turns into a giant monster. Without a doubt, when it comes

The Problematic CVT 7

Wayne Colonna breaks down the problematic nature of the CVT 7.

Slamming reverse in MAXA

In this Shift Pointers, Wayne Colonna tells the story of a MAXA transmission slamming into reverse in a Honda Accord.

An Identity Crisis

Some Ford vehicles using the 5R110W are having an identity crisis. Let me explain. A 2010 Ford F450 Rollback with a 6.8L V-10 gas engine comes into Walkers Auto Trans & Repair with a complaint of a loss of power and transmission not shifting. When the truck was scanned it showed fault codes P0720 and P0722 for the output speed sensor. Scan data also showed that all transmission speed sensors read nothing.


The owner of a 2008 Toyota Camry with a 3.5L engine powering a U660E transmission brought his vehicle in to Deltrans with hard shifts. Bill Harris road tested the vehicle to verify the complaint. In doing so he not only verified the owner’s complaint, he also discovered that it did not shift past 4th gear.

The Pressure is Off

Jon at Wilson Transmissions received a 2010 Venza with a 3.5L/U660E combo from a used car lot. All seemed to be working good other than many dash indicators lit up. After scanning the vehicle and finding pressure switch codes (P0872 for TFP Sensor/Switch C and P0877 for TFP Sensor/Switch D), Jon ordered a TFP switch/TFT sensor assembly from the Toyota dealer.

Another Heart Break

A 2014 Nissan Versa arrives at a shop on a flatbed with a customer complaint of a loss of engine power. The reason it was brought to a transmission shop is the type of engine power loss it had. In park or neutral, the engine can rev up to 2500 rpm easily. Even in drive with the brakes applied, you can reach stall speed torque with no power loss issues at all. But, the moment the brake is released to launch forward, as soon as it starts to roll there is an immediate loss of engine power.