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Resetting Hyundai Shift Adapts, and Procedures for Relearning

Like most late-model vehicles, Hyundai vehicles need the shift adapts cleared and then relearned to get a properly working transmission after overhaul or valve-body replacement. Some Hyundai vehicles can have the shift adapts cleared by disconnecting the battery, connecting the positive and negative battery cables and turning on the headlights for 10 minutes; others need a scan tool to clear the shift adapts. The chart in Figure 1 shows which vehicles need a scan tool and which can be cleared by the battery-disconnect process. All Hyundai models not shown in Figure 1 need a scan tool to clear the shift adapts.

Volkswagen 09G or TF60: Clearing and Relearning Shift Adapts

The 09G is an adaptive-learn transmission. The TCM can adapt the upshift and downshift pressures for each shift as well as initial engagement into drive and reverse. Whenever the transmission is rebuilt or the valve body is replaced the shift adapts should be cleared and the vehicle driven to relearn the new adapts.