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Aisin Seiki AS66RC, AS69RC Oversized SLT Piston Kit

Significant bore wear at the SLT accumulator bore is common in Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions, resulting in unstable line pressure, low pressure, and multiple shift issues. Reaming the bore and installing Sonnax oversized SLT accumulator piston kit (p/n 122740-17K) will restore proper clearances and hydraulic function.

Sonnax Aisin Seiki B1/B2 Apply Control Plunger Valve Kit

Bore wear in the B1/B2 apply control plunger valve sleeve in AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions allow line pressure to leak to exhaust at the B1 apply valve bore or line pressure and Reverse pressure to cross leak at the B2 apply valve bore. The result is inappropriate to apply pressure at the B1 and B2