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You can’t learn everything from a manual: Ram ProMaster City test case

Today’s adventure starts with a customer coming into the shop with a 2015 Ram ProMaster City van with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine and a 948TE 9-speed transmission. The customer came to our shop because the battery went dead, and after the new battery was installed, a bunch of warning lights came on. The odometer was

How to set up a Snap-on scanner for Dodge Secure Vehicle Gateway protocol

If you have tried to scan a 2018 and later Chrysler/Dodge vehicle, you may have found a notice on your scanner saying that the Secure Gateway is locked; you can only read codes and are unable to perform clearing of codes or resets. Chrysler is the first company to implement this, and others may follow

Bosch to add new remote OEM diagnostic software capabilities to DVCI scan tools

Bosch announced that it will offer new remote OEM diagnostic software capabilities on its diagnostic vehicle communication interface (DVCI) products, including the Bosch ADS 525X and 625X scan tools. Starting next year, Bosch says its DVCI scan tool users will be able to utilize licensed and authorized OEM diagnostic software remotely on most major vehicle