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Watch: CVT modules and programming

CVTs usually will require a reset to the basic factory programming after repairing a major component. You can typically use a scan tool to help complete this. Watch the latest video from Transtar, above, for more.

Solving electronic control problems in today’s automatic transmissions

Special tools are often needed when diagnosing transmission problems and overhauling units.

Bosch updates ADS, ADS X scan tools

Bosch has released 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 software updates for the ADS and ADS X series scan tools. According to Bosch, these updates introduce a ‘Manage Photo’ feature, allowing technicians to launch the camera or upload existing photos to Scan Reports, Special Test and Calibration reports. Additionally, the software updates add new Special Tests, systems

Putting what you learn in training into practice

We all have those family members and loved ones who need our help and expertise when it comes to cars, and I am no exception. I purchased a 2001 Honda CRV AWD with a possibly bad transmission for my daughter to replace the worn-out vehicle she was driving. After determining that the transmission was indeed

How to get started with OE ECU reprogramming

The conversation goes like this: I have been paying mobile programmers or remote access programmers (RAPs) far too long. I believe I can save money and time by doing this myself. What type of equipment is needed and what is the cost to get up and running? Let’s find out! In a nutshell, four basic

Snap-on Zeus diagnostic tool updated with new feature

Snap-on has announced a new software release for its Zeus diagnostic tool. A new feature included in this update is a clear view flag tracker, which the company says allows technicians to spot intermittent glitches and quickly hone in on the root cause of a problem. This feature also includes simplified navigation and an updated

Bosch announces ADS, ADS X series software update

Bosch has released the 5.0 software update for its ADS and ADS X series scan tools. The update further improves the user experience by granting technicians the ability to access Module-Specific Data Stream Items and Special Tests directly from the DTC Results screen, the company says. The update will also allow technicians to sort and

The ins and outs of transmission diagnostics

Are new cars harder to work on than old? It depends on who you talk to. And if old cars are deemed easier, what takes the blame for the difficulty on the new versions? You can be certain that it’s computers and electronics. Someday we’ll all be gone, but until then there’s a group of

Bosch issues ADS software update

Bosch has released the 4.21 software update for the ADS and ADS X series tools. The update will include more 2022 model year coverage from foreign and domestic brands, added ADAS calibrations and additional functional tests and features, the company says. According to Bosch, the latest ADS software version adds the following functionality and optimizations

Launch introduces X-431 Throttle III scan tool

Launch highlights the X-431 Throttle III diagnostic scan tool that uses Wi-Fi and SmartLink VCI connectivity. Released in late 2021, it is aimed at assisting technicians with OE-level, accurate vehicle diagnostics, ADAS calibrations, IMMO functionality, remote tech-to-tech collaborative diagnostics, FCA security, gateway access and compliance, heavy-duty truck diagnostics and more. The operation system is based

Bosch introduces new ADS 625X scan tool

Bosch has introduced the new ADS 625X scan tool, which contains vehicle coverage across a broad range of domestic, Asian and European vehicles dating back to 1976.  According to the company, features include: Performing all-systems DTC scans under 60 seconds on average Complete scans taking 30 seconds or less for many vehicles makes and models A 10-in. LCD

You can’t learn everything from a manual: Ram ProMaster City test case

Today’s adventure starts with a customer coming into the shop with a 2015 Ram ProMaster City van with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine and a 948TE 9-speed transmission. The customer came to our shop because the battery went dead, and after the new battery was installed, a bunch of warning lights came on. The odometer was