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Recruiting: Attracting the Best Candidates

Recruiting new employees has a whole lot in common with finding new customers, which is something we, as owners and managers, do every day. We are continually selling people on why they should use our services. We advertise, ask for referrals, market by getting involved in the community and generally try to show that we are a good, honest and trustworthy business, that it’s safe for people to use when they need help.

Quitters, Campers and Climbers

Team building is a job that a transmission-shop owner has to do well if he is going to have any success – now or in the future. You see, if your employees can’t sell it and fix it, you are not going to last long in this industry. A transmission shop will pick your pocket quicker than anything you can imagine if you don’t know what you are doing. The problem is that employees come and go. That is just a fact of life. Recruiting the right employees is the key to your success now and, the key to any continued success you might hope to have in the future. At the end of the day, we are selling high-dollar labor to our customers. It is your number-one responsibility to recruit and hire the best employees you can find.

Recruiting Is like a Blind Date

Like going on a blind date, you never know what you are going to end up with in recruiting. We are all going on more blind dates than we would like nowadays.

Unfortunately, recruiting is a game with no defined rules. A lot of promises are made and not kept in this game, and that leads to an unacceptable turnover rate that is hurting our industry. It is a stressful, frustrating and emotional roller-coaster ride that will eventually test every emotion you have. Let’s take a look at the situation and see whether we can do something to make things easier for the shop owner and the employees.

A Game of Winners and Losers

As a recruiter I am looking for three things: talent, attitude and a consistent work ethic. There are other attributes to consider, but that is what I am mainly interested in. That is what I think it takes to be a winner. As a recruiter for the shop, I know that If I can recruit people with those three qualities I will have done my job.

Recruiting Pays Big Dividends

Most transmission-shop owners would rather wear a dress than recruit. Who can blame you? The numbers are stacked against you as a recruiter. I get it. But I also know it’s part of your responsibility as a shop owner, and if you are going to be successful you need to keep your recruiting skills sharp. The fact is, if you hire the right people you can stop working for the numbers and have the numbers start working for you. I will show you in this article how that works.