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Sponsored video: Lubegard Assemblee Goo

In this sponsored video, Lubegard highlights Assemblee Goo with LXE-XP, used to facilitate the assembly process when rebuilding. The full script of the video is below: Lubegard Assemblee Goo with LXE-XP is formulated for use as an assembly aid and lubricant for virtually any assembly application. It facilitates the assembly process by holding components such

A misleading code: Finding the right solution to the right problem

In having the privilege of presenting at Worldpac’s Supplier and Training Expo in Orlando Florida earlier this year, I met a couple of instructors from the Daytona State College who attended my seminar: Beau Bosman and Casey Knecht. During my presentation, I covered an issue with an Allison 1000/2000 that had the converter clutch cycling

Dealing with GM 6L series rebuild issues

During a rebuild of a GM 6L80 transmission, while the valve body was being serviced, an incorrect spacer plate was accidentally used. This blocked supply pressure to the 3-5-R regulator valve which prevented the 3-5-R clutch from applying. One of the more significant changes made to the valve body for 6L80 series transmission is related

Small Tips for Big Rebuilding Headaches Part 2

Many of you who call us for technical support and advice ask for items that fit this description. While we are always open to new ideas for new products that solve root-cause problems, there are times when these parts are already readily available and reasonably priced. It’s just that few rebuilders know about them. So, here are a few brief tips for you on some of the parts you asked for and where you can find them.

What Is a Rebuilt Transmission?

A silly question to be asking people who have been in the transmission rebuilding business for so long, isn’t it? It does, however, seem to get a lot of different replies. If you ask 100 rebuilders you might get 10 different interpretations. That could be why some states have adopted regulations for the minimum standards to which a transmission can be rebuilt and still be called a rebuilt, reconditioned, overhauled or remanufactured transmission. The words all mean the same thing in these states because the lawmakers didn’t want shops to get around the regulation by calling the rebuilt something else.