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The Long and Winding Road Test

The tale of a hot RE5R05A


The RE5R05A was launched in 2002 and fits a variety of Infinity and Nissan vehicles.

When it is Broken

Planetary gear sets and their operation are unappealing for many. Know what is turning and what is holding for each gear can challenge one’s thinking. Particularly so when there are 10 speeds and 3 planetary gear sets involved. I actually enjoy pushing my mind to visualize powerflow and indeed, it can be challenging at times. But it sure does go a long way when trying to isolate a noise problem.

Double Trouble

In today’s world of automatic transmissions we see several different types of solenoids being used depending on the strategy the engineer chose to employ. There are the typical on/off solenoids that could be normally closed or normally open. And then there are PWM solenoids, normally applied or normally vented.

RE5R05A Facts and Observations

This transmission has been on the street since 2002, when it was first used in the Infiniti Q45 with the 4.5-liter engine. Since then, Infiniti and Nissan have used this transmission in many models. There are three versions of the RE5R05A valve body…