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Watch: Ford 5R110W pump issues and repair

In the latest video from the Transtar Garage Studio, Dave Hritsko, Transtar’s technical parts specialist, talks about the Ford 5R110W pump. This pump, Hritsko says, may have been surpassed by newer equipment, but there are still a lot of trucks out there with it. The pairing of this pump with the engine, Hritsko says in

The Importance of Checking Grounds

The 5R110W transmission that is common to the 2003-2009 Ford Super Duty trucks and vans is a very reliable and straightforward transmission when it comes to diagnosis and repair. The subject of this article is a 2007 F-350 equipped with the 6.0L diesel engine and the 5R110W transmission.

Overall-Height Issues and Pump-Gear Problems

Some GM vehicles with 4L60-E transmissions and 300-millimeter converters are experiencing higher-than-normal pump-gear failures. Affected vehicles are 2002-2003 Bravada, Envoy and Trailblazer (Dacco B-85 VJCX) equipped with the 4.2L engine. An easy way to identify this converter is that it is the only GM 300mm unit whose impeller overlaps the front cover rather than vice versa.