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Productivity and Profitability

Time management and planning are critical to getting the one or two extra jobs a week. Is the manager making good decisions? Is he working on jobs that will not be picked up this week when money jobs are sitting on the bench? Are parts being ordered as soon as the sale is made so that waiting on parts is not slowing production? Every production mistake delays cash collection.

Do You Sell Enough to Keep Your Technicians Busy?

Technicians can play a big part in the sales process, thereby controlling their own destiny to some degree. They can and should be doing an excellent job of checking out each vehicle that comes into their bay no matter why it is initially there. They should make all repair and service recommendations to the service adviser even if they find so many items that it might scare them. The service adviser’s job is to sort them all out, check the vehicle’s history to see what has already been done and decide what the customer really needs now, what can be put off for a little while and what can wait even longer; then he or she has to do a stellar job of selling all those items and giving alternatives only if the customer can’t or is unwilling to have them all done now. The idea is to keep the vehicle on the lift and perform as many repairs and services as possible to save the technician from making unnecessary moves, allowing for maximum productivity.