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Tests Confirm Uneasy Feeling about Diagnosis

When was the last time you had a customer bring you their vehicle – along with a part – and ask you to install it? On occasion, I have a customer ask me to do just that, and it is often large, used and costly to purchase new – such as an engine, transmission or differential. This was the case recently when my friend Jim had his 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT towed to our shop; he also had a used automatic transaxle delivered from a local, reputable used-parts supplier.

Toyota U341E/F

In the Import section of ATSG’s “Shifting Great in 2008” training seminar, one subject that was handled in the Toyota U341E/F segment of the seminar was the elusive code P0770. What makes this code so elusive is that it points to a fault for shift solenoid E. The technician tries to determine which is shift solenoid E and cannot. Nor can the technician determine whether the code indicates an electrical problem or a mechanical one.