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Breaking the Code on Encoders

Transfer cases have become quite sophisticated, and many designs have extensive diagnostic routines. From what we see on tech-line calls and in helping customers resolve field problems, there is a great lack of information and understanding at the shop level. This article is devoted to understanding the electronic shift functions of the New Venture Gear transfer cases.

New Venture Gear Transfer Cases

In the manual-transmission market, stick-shift transmissions make up roughly 20% of the vehicle population, with automatic transmissions grabbing the lion’s share of the market. The transfer-case market has exploded with the variety of SUVs and crossover vehicles being added to the market and the fact that whether the transmission is manual or automatic, a transfer case must be involved to obtain four-wheel drive.

What Is New at New Venture Gear?

New Venture Gear is a major supplier of transfer cases to the world’s automakers. A subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, New Venture Gear began life as a marriage of the New Process Gear division of Chrysler Corp. joining with the Muncie transmission division of GM to manufacture transmissions and transfer cases. That joint venture has now been dissolved, with DaimlerChrysler retaining the New Venture name and continuing to design and manufacture transfer cases at its plant in East Syracuse, N.Y.

Understanding the New Venture Gear 226 Transfer Case

In the previous issue we discussed the theory of operations of the New Venture Gear 226 transfer case, which is found in the GMC Envoy, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Oldsmobile Bravada. This chapter is devoted to helping you to get familiar with the electronic functions of this “active” transfer case.

The New Breed of Active Transfer Cases – the New Venture Gear 226

The newest design level in the active transfer case is the NVG 226. GM introduced the Trailblazer, Envoy and new Bravada models that feature a newly designed straight six-cylinder engine. This engine has very high horsepower and torque output and is arguably the smoothest-running straight 6 ever produced. In order to complete this almost vibration-free package, GM chose the NVG 226 transfer case.

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