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Exploring Some of the Mystery in the MP3023 Transfer Case

Up to Standards Introduced in 2011 in the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 series and Dodge Durango vehicles and continuing into 2019, there are a lot of these units on the roads. Magna Powertrain designed and produced the 3023 and 3010 transfer cases. The 3010 series is a single speed active transfer case (no low range)

Getting into the MP3023 Transfer Case

Getting into the MP3023 Transfer Case

Magna Powertrain (MP) is a worldwide manufacturer of components and systems for vehicle manufacturers. It has acquired the New Process and New Venture Gear business and now produces components under the Magna name. GM awarded its transfer-case business to Magna beginning with the 2007 model year. We have done articles before on the various models of MP transfer cases.

The Magna Powertrain MP3023/3024 NQH

In last month’s article we discussed two of the three new models of transfer cases from Magna Powertrain, the MP1222/1225/1226 NQG and the MP1625/1626 NQF. This month we will discuss the operation and mechanical functions unique to the MP3023/3024 NQH. Figure 1 breaks down the identification code for the MP3023. These are active transfer cases (ATC) with sophisticated advanced electronics.