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Alto introduces friction clutches for Mercedes 722.9 transmission

Alto has introduced a new line of friction clutches for the Mercedes 722.9 (Speedshift MCT seven-speed). The clutches cover model years 2008 and on, and feature Alto’s G3 high-performance friction material. There are two varieties; you can find full specs for # 117710A371 here, and for # 117712A371 here.

CTA Transmission Oil Drain Kit Removes Fluid with Air Pressure

Kit flushes out impurities in the oil that could cause extra wear and tear on the transmission.

7 G-Tronic Plus Generation Six – Part 1

Mercedes’ 7-speed transmission known as the 7 G-Tronic is commonly referred to as the 722.9 transmission. This 5th generation of Mercedes’ transmission lineup made its first appearance in 2003. By 2010 a revised version of this transmission was developed making it the 6th generation of transmissions calling it the 7 G-Tronic Plus.

Sensor signal? Nearly none, but unit still worked

The customer had multiple concerns: 30-40 mph is the top speed, drive modes won’t switch, neutrals out in reverse, stuck in low gear at times, can’t shift manually, only works in drive Stored DTC 2767, Component Y3/6n3 (speed sensor) is faulty.