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ZF Aftermarket launches mechatronic transmission kits

ZF has introduced its mechatronic service kit which bundles all the components needed for servicing mechatronics on ZF transmissions, which the company describes as a critical step in restoring the transmission to OE standards. The kit’s 19 SKUs cover a range of Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other manufacturers’ car and SUV models. In addition

TransTec introduces DQ200 / OAM Mechatronic Service Kit

TransTec has introduced a new Mechatronic Service Kit for DQ200/OAM, model years 2007 and on. According to the company, this service kit contains all the necessary gaskets for the repair of the mechatronic unit. The new kit is available for order now.

Transmissions with Mechatronics – TEHCM: Part II

In addition to dealing with the transmission evolutionary variables mentioned in Part I of the series, the transmission repair industry must contend with much more currently, as well as future changes that will occur.

Despite the efforts of organizations like SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), the OEM’s have failed to standardize certain aspects of vehicle operations. Several different protocols exist that the OEMs use for OBD-II compliance. For a period of time, there were five basic protocols used by most OEMs to control their vehicles. Today there are a lot of different protocols to control an array of components from powertrain to airbags to audio/visual.

Diagnostics, testing equipment and repair will vary based upon the system, which is why it’s important to know what a particular scanner can accommodate.

Transmissions with Mechatronics – TEHCM

For decades, the transmission repair industry has dealt with unending changes, ranging from weight (cast iron versus aluminum cases/components), fluids (natural versus synthetic blends) and sealing components to unit controls/calibrations.

Due to the ’70s oil fiascoes, the push for more gears, lighter units, less torque converter slippage, etc., all to enhance vehicle fuel economy and engine performance, has been growing exponentially over time. Add in a multitude of OE manufacturers and transmission designs, and the aftermarket repair industry has been faced with overcoming various obstacles just to repair a transmission.