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Managing Money: Bills and Taxes

Terry Greenhut gives suggestions for managing money. One important rule: avoid a tax audit.

It’s Your Money – Protect It!

When I first started in business I received two kinds of advice from people who seemed to genuinely want to help me succeed; there was the good and the not-so-good. Some of the good advice was on how to handle the money I would take in from doing sales. This may sound like a strange topic to discuss, one that we all should somehow have been born knowing, but we weren’t. Even the most experienced of shop owners can make costly mistakes when it comes to handling their money.

Rich or Poor, It’s Nice to Have Money!

That title is a real attention grabber, isn’t it? I write it on the blackboard whenever I do a seminar to make the audience wonder what it’s all about. It’s actually a very simple concept: When you have money, this business is relatively easy; when you don’t, it’s awfully hard.