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Leading by Example

One of my first lessons upon going into business for myself was that if I wanted employees to follow and respect me I had to show them that I was the real thing, that I was someone who knew what I was doing and one who would keep my word to them no matter what. That wasn’t always easy to do; first because in the beginning I wasn’t the real thing. I had never worked on a transmission till I opened the shop, and I had never been in a business in which I had any employees who answered to me or for whom I was responsible.

Eight Qualities Every Leader Must Possess

Recent statistical surveys show that only 10% of employees look forward to going to work, and most point to a lack of leadership as the reason for their discontent. Many, at management level and below, don’t believe they are given the proper direction, motivation or attainable goals to make the daily contribution to their employers worth the time and effort they are asked to put in. In other words, they are uninspired by their so-called leaders.