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Valvoline launches Restore & Protect motor oil line

Valvoline Global announced the global launch of its new full synthetic motor oil, Restore & Protect. Vaolvoline says the new oil removes up to 100% of engine-killing deposits with continuous use. Restore & Protect is designed for gasoline-engine automobiles. It makes use of two Valvoline technologies: Active Clean, which removes deposits and restores engines to run like new, and Liqui-Shield, which works proactively to prevent deposit

Video: Why You Need an Aluminum Additive

Today’s ATFs have many other additives to protect against metal contact with other ferrous metals, not aluminum.

Professional-Grade Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

Champion Brands, a globally recognized blender and packager of motor oils, gear lubes, brake fluids, and many other specialty lubricants, is currently marketing GlobalTrans ATF, a professional-grade full-synthetic multi-vehicle (MV) automatic transmission fluid specifically designed to lubricates internal moving parts, but also provide hydraulic pressure, friction and cooling to make transmissions work more efficiently.  Champion

New ‘Assemblee Goo’ with LXE-XP Technology

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI), makers of LUBEGARD automotive branded lubricants, recently introduced a new and improved Assemblee Goo Green with LXE-XP (p/n 19250). LXE-XP is an advanced technology developed by International Lubricants, providing “Extra Protection” to metal at the molecular level. The new and improved Green Assemblee Goo formula protects metal surfaces during initial startup

Lubricants: Understanding the Mysteries

Lubricating oils or lubricants have been around since the invention of the wheel, and every class or type of machinery uses and needs them. But, how much do we really understand about these products and about the amazing amount of engineering that is found in a can?


One of the things often neglected is lubrication of the transmission, transfer case and differential. As with the automatic transmissions there are now dozens of specified lubricants that a professional shop must have available. What used to work no longer does, and putting the wrong lube into a late-model unit will result in spoiling a good rebuild. You must use the correct fluid for the unit you are working on. It sounds logical, but if you understand why, it will go a long way toward preventing shift complaints and outright failure under warranty due to incorrect lube fill.

It Ain’t Just Oil

One thing we have seen that is consistent in the repair industry has been an unprecedented explosion of new and changing technology. An amazing number of new transmission and transfer-case designs soon will be appearing in your shop. The ever-increasing use of computer and electronic controls has made all the units more sophisticated, and diagnosis is becoming a stand-alone specialty.