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Land Rover LR3 ZF6HP26 no start after overhaul

The complaint A 2006 Land Rover LR3 equipped with the ZF6HP26 transmission has a post-overhaul complaint of a no-start condition. Part of the transmission overhaul process included the replacement of the mechatronic unit. The cause The mechatronic unit that was purchased from a parts distributor and installed was for a Ford 6R60 transmission (figure 7)

ZF Aftermarket launches mechatronic transmission kits

ZF has introduced its mechatronic service kit which bundles all the components needed for servicing mechatronics on ZF transmissions, which the company describes as a critical step in restoring the transmission to OE standards. The kit’s 19 SKUs cover a range of Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other manufacturers’ car and SUV models. In addition

2015 Land Rover Evoque is Stuck in Park!

The shifter knob would come up out of the console and allow the driver to move it from Park to Drive once, then freeze in the Drive position.

Don’t Blow It

The JF506E in VW, Land Rover and Jaguar applications experiences a condition of no upshift out of first gear when cold due to mechanical malfunctions of the 2/4-brake timing and duty solenoids (Figure 1). And there are times when this transmission may also experience a no-reverse condition due to a mechanical malfunction of the low-clutch timing solenoid (Figure 2). This information has been in our past seminars as well as in our bulletins, and since the cold season is upon us it’s good to keep this in mind.

Shift By Wire

This article presents a situation that ATSG technical adviser Gerald Campbell handled regarding a ZF 6HP26 in a BMW with Reno Partipilo, Sal Scardina and Joe Russo from Continental Transmission in Bridgeview, Ill. But before we can cover it, we first need to present a bit of information that will help to make sense of the problem and what it was that corrected it.