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Jatco/Nissan JF011E critical wear areas and vacuum test locations

Sonnax has provided the following guide on critical wear areas and vacuum test locations for the Jatco/Nissan JF011E. Technicians working on these models should find this guide helpful. (Ed. Note: This is an extended version of the guide found in our September issue, with three additional pages).

Information, Equipment & Experience

When a vehicle comes into your shop for repair you need to determine whether you have access to service information, the equipment needed to make the repair and the experience to repair it. As you read this article you will see just how challenging a transmission replacement sometimes can be. In this particular situation the service information was misleading and special equipment was needed to make the repair. This was one job that turned into yet another learning experience for me.

CVTs – Do I Rebuild Them or not?

The question of whether to rebuild a continuously variable transmission (CVT) has increased dramatically this past year on our technical hotline, and I thought I might risk making a few comments about this subject.

The call comes to our technical hotline a few different ways. The question has been: “Why are people saying you cannot rebuild CVTs?” or, “Is it worth trying to rebuild one of these” or, “What am I getting myself into if I try to rebuild one? What tools do I need?”

My answers to these questions follow.