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Temperature Rising

Temperature rising could be a title for an article related to “global warming,” but this article is not about melting snow caps. This is about a temperature meltdown that can happen to a shop owner and/or technician dealing with a transmission problem that will not go away – specifically with a 01M in a 2001-03 VW Jetta or a 01P in a Eurovan.

Blame the Torque Converter – Part 1

Society often influences us to try to blame others for our problems. From an early age we try to place blame with friends or siblings. Our training usually continues into our school age, when the guilty person is always “the other guy.” It seems only natural for this mindset to continue into the workplace. This is especially true if your workplace happens to be with the automatic-transmission industry. The mysterious inside of a sealed torque converter is easily substituted for the “big dumb kid” in the back of the classroom. The following are examples of a torque converter being unjustly blamed for a transmission problem.

Volkswagen’s Direct-Shift Gear Box Part 4

Picking up where we left off last month, the remaining three solenoids to cover are two pressure-control solenoids – N215, which operates the K1 clutch, and N216, which operates the K2 clutch – and the N92 multiplexer solenoid (see Figure 1).