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The differential makes the difference

A 2015 Jeep Wrangler 3.6L using a NAG 1 transmission came into Mr. Transmissions with a third gear ratio code P0733. The shop installed a remanufactured transmission, yet the vehicle still produced this same code. A second reman was put in with the same results. By this time, it was obvious that the transmission could not

TransTec adds new overhaul kits for ZF 8HP75

Freudenberg-NOK has announced the launch of new TransTec overhaul kits for the ZF 8HP75 transmission. According to the company, the TransTec overhaul kit includes everything needed for a complete mechanical repair, including all o-rings, metal clad seals, bushings and gaskets. The kit is available either with or without pistons. Vehicle applications include the following: BMW

TransTec introduces Power Steering Gear Seal Kit for Jeep Wrangler

TransTec has introduced a new Power Steering Gear Seal Kit for Jeep Wrangler. According to TransTec, the gear seal kit includes everything needed for a complete repair, including all o-rings, sealing rings, retainers and metal clad seals. This kit covers the following vehicles: Jeep The kit is available for order now.

CTA introduces Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set

CTA Manufacturing Corp. has introduced a new Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set (Left/Front and Right/Rear). The tools are for VVL (variable valve lift) only and are not for use on VVT (variable valve timing) engines, the company notes. These tools can be used to service newer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep models with Pentastar VVL 3.6L engines. The set

Stellantis to invest in electrified transmission development in Indiana plants

Stellantis announced plans to invest a total of $229 million in three of its Kokomo, Indiana, plants for electric transmission development. The investment will support retooling of the Kokomo Transmission (KTP), Kokomo Casting and Indiana Transmission plants to produce the fourth-generation eight-speed transmission. This new transmission will have the flexibility to be paired with internal

Scoping Out A Jeep Issue

This article is a “case study,” but the procedure used to find the root cause of this issue can be used on almost any application. We’ll use the scope module part of the Snap-On Zeus scan tool; is this the best scope out there? No, but the ease of use and the addition of the

Chrysler 850RE Friction Plate Kit

BorgWarner has added the Chrysler 850RE friction plate kit to its catalog (Part # 35447KIT).  This kit is specific to the 4×2 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2017+) & JL Wrangler (2018+). 

‘Rebuilt’ salvage-yard transmission, hmmm …

We had a local general repair shop bring us a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L V-6 engine equipped with a ZF 8-speed (845RE) transmission; they had just installed a “rebuilt” transmission that was sourced from a salvage yard. The customer’s stated concern was, “The place that built the transmission just said it needed to be programmed.” Needless to say, we knew that this was going to be an adventure.

722.6/NAG 1

With the large number of 722.6 transmissions being used in both Mercedes vehicles and in Dodge and Jeep vehicles, where it is called the NAG 1, it is virtually certain that this transmission will end up in your shop for repairs. It may be that your shop refuses to work on Mercedes but Dodge and Jeep vehicles are all too welcome. And so it is in this way that if you have not worked on this transmission yet, you will. And it is not a bad unit to work on.

Toot Your Own Horn!

As Denny Gipe from Dennis Gipe Transmissions in Chambersburg, Pa., mentioned in this month’s Shift Pointers article, ATSG has experienced the P0123 code in late-model Jeeps using the 2.5- or 4.0-liter engines and the AW4 transmission. P0123 indicates TPS voltage high, and in these vehicles it produces a complaint of no upshift. One cause for this condition is the horn’s 12-volt clock spring inside the steering wheel short-circuiting with the cruise-control’s switch-sense wire (Figure 1).

Miracles Do Happen

A 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee was brought to a Cottman Transmission shop in Jennings, Mo. The customer‘s complaints were typical for this model transmission and correct for the mileage of the vehicle. A complete transmission and converter rebuild were sold and, because of the chronic cooler-line problems, a cooler-line update was sold for added security.