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TransTec introduces Power Steering Gear Seal Kit for Jeep Wrangler

TransTec has introduced a new Power Steering Gear Seal Kit for Jeep Wrangler. According to TransTec, the gear seal kit includes everything needed for a complete repair, including all o-rings, sealing rings, retainers and metal clad seals. This kit covers the following vehicles: Jeep The kit is available for order now.

A New Surprise Around Every Corner

Paul Loch discusses a NAG1 transmission that wasn’t shifting correctly.

Getting Down to Business

I have been in this business a long time, and I still relish the feeling when I find the fault and fix the car. The root cause is the critter I’m always on the prowl for, and I will use any weapon I can find to bag that beast. That often means extra hours and every resource in my shop; however, I have been fortunate lately to catch some interesting issues fairly quickly by using the correct tool. Following are some situations I’ve encountered recently. Which tool would you use to correct them?