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GFX adds new hard part for JF015E, REOF11A

GFX has introduced a new hard part for Nissan and General Motors transmissions.

JF015E CVT sensor blues and red

In past articles in the “Technically Speaking” series, it has been pointed out how easy it is for the primary pulley exciter ring fingers to bend while working on a JF015E continuously variable transmission (as seen in figures 1, above, and 2, below). Ironically, these fingers can become bent while fixing a compromised secondary speed

The New Jatco JF015E: When is a CVT not a CVT?

The CVT (continuously variable transmission) concept has been around forever, but CVTs have been on the road now for decades, in one form or another. Although there are several different models of CVT, they all have one thing in common: basic operation.

Over the years there have been variations in CVTs from vehicle model to model, starting with the original DAF European CVTs, up to the first Jatco CVT, Saturn VT20E, ZF VT1, Ford CFT30 and then on to later-model Jatcos. There are CVTs that use a torque converter and some that don’t. A CVT may have a push belt, while others use a drive chain. Electrical components also vary widely among models. In addition, certain models use a direct-drive pump while others use a chain-driven remote pump. The CFT30 uses a pump with oscillating pistons. A CVT will also have a planetary gear set, primarily for reverse.