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Recalibrating Nissan CVT8

Over the last decade and a half, the industry has become very familiar with the Nissan/Jatco CVT. The market has been flooded with these affordable commuter and passenger cars providing impressive fuel economy. It is partly achieved through the efficiency of these transmissions, but they also have become known for failing within 100,000 miles. These

CVT’s 3-Second-Rule Delay

Jatco’s CVT2, CVT7 and CVT8 have their own unique way of controlling garage shifts into gear. Although each of these transmissions utilize a torque converter, great lengths went into designing a strategy that would prevent harsh drive or reverse engagements to prevent damage to the variator (primary and secondary pulley assembly).

CVT Success: In-Vehicle Isolation of Common Problems

All transmission models have unique problems that are common to that model; Jatco CVT units are no exception. Technicians are facing an uphill battle when it comes to diagnosing and repairing CVTs if they don’t have the right information on hand. Knowing what the common issues are and understanding the options available to isolate and fix problems are the keys to CVT success.