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Don’t Blow It

The JF506E in VW, Land Rover and Jaguar applications experiences a condition of no upshift out of first gear when cold due to mechanical malfunctions of the 2/4-brake timing and duty solenoids (Figure 1). And there are times when this transmission may also experience a no-reverse condition due to a mechanical malfunction of the low-clutch timing solenoid (Figure 2). This information has been in our past seminars as well as in our bulletins, and since the cold season is upon us it’s good to keep this in mind.

Another One for the X-Files

Back in 2003, when Transmission Digest hosted Showpower in Charlotte, N.C., I did a presentation called “Odds with an End,” an array of transmission malfunctions featuring oddities from the “X” files.
To this day I still receive calls from some who attended this seminar saying, “Hey, Wayne, I’ve got another one you can add to your X-file list!”

The idea of labeling transmission malfunctions as fitting into an X-file category is the result of knowing what fixed the problem but having difficulty explaining why.

ABS – Another Bewildering Story

Well, I have two bewildering stories to share with you that normally would give you nightmares. However, by reading this story you will see that it really was another man’s nightmare. But for you it will be a sweet dream, since you will acquire his experience and bypass the pain he suffered.

Shift By Wire

This article presents a situation that ATSG technical adviser Gerald Campbell handled regarding a ZF 6HP26 in a BMW with Reno Partipilo, Sal Scardina and Joe Russo from Continental Transmission in Bridgeview, Ill. But before we can cover it, we first need to present a bit of information that will help to make sense of the problem and what it was that corrected it.

Morning Sickness – Well, Sort Of

At ATSG we have received several calls on the 5R55N/W/S transmission in the new Lincoln LS, Jaguar, Ford Explorer or Mountaineer concerning a complaint of delayed or no engagement. The condition occurs most often during first morning startup, under extreme cold-temperature conditions, and the transmission may engage if the throttle is snapped wide open.