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Insurance: How Much is too Much?

There are all kinds of insurances to be had depending upon what we want or need to protect. Some of it we are told we must have because it’s the law and some we want to because we sleep better at night with the feeling that we are covered if anything should happen. Unemployment insurance and worker’s comp are examples of insurance that’s mandatory in most of the United States and for most jobs, but not all, and the lines that are drawn are not always easy to see or understand. Sometimes they depend on the number of employees and even, to an extent, the types of work being performed. That’s why it’s important to consult with an insurance expert in your own state.

Warranty Insurance Is Supposed to Protect YOU

There was a time when selling transmission overhauls was a simple matter. Most shops offered one service at one price. If the customer approved it, the job was carried out. The problem with that one service was that many times it didn’t suit the needs of either the customer or the shop. If a customer wanted more than a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty he was out of luck. If the shop needed a way to make an overhaul more profitable it had a hard time finding one. So customer choices and shop profits were limited.