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Going the extra mile: Proving your transmission repair suspicions

A 2003 Honda Pilot with a five-speed three-shaft transmission came into our shop with a customer concern that the vehicle had no power, and the “D” light was flashing. I first did a scan for codes to see what it came up with, and the scan tool returned four DTCs: P1298 (ELD voltage high), P0135 (H02S

TransTec adds new overhaul kit for Honda CVTs

Freudenberg-NOK has launched a new TransTec Honda CVT overhaul kit.  The kit number is 49477913 and it covers the following applications: The company says this overhaul kit includes everything needed for a complete mechanical repair, including all o-rings, metal clad seals, bushings and gaskets.

How to service the Honda 10-speed transmission

With Honda’s 10-speed front wheel drive transmission (see Figure 1, above) going into its fifth year on the roads, it’s feasible that one may show up in your shop for service. (One note: this transmission does not have a typical name; it’s simply known as “the Honda 10-speed automatic transmission” in all OEM materials.) One

The Nightmare on Oak Street: A hunt for 4L30E electrical problems

This story begins with a 4WD 1998 Honda Passport equipped with a 3.2 V6 engine and 4L30E transmission. The shift indicator in the cluster was not functioning correctly and transmission was shifting hard. The shift indicator showed ‘P’ in Park, and ‘1’ in D3, D2, or D1. The indicator didn’t light up in any other

Alto introduces transmission filter for Honda, Acura 6-speeds

Alto has introduced a new transmission filter for Honda and Acura six-speed transmissions. The internal transmission filter (part no. 146944A) with 27mm pickup covers the following transmissions: MT4A, ARP6, M7PA and PV2A.

Raybestos introduces new Honda, Acura filters

Raybestos has introduced a series of new filters for a variety of Honda/Acura applications. The new filters are available from Raybestos now. The line includes the following: B5RA, B5SA inline filter 2011-2015 (Part No. 515390; OE Ref. 25430-R5L-003) Pictured above KA/KL CVT plastic filter 2014-on for Civic, Fit, HR-V (Part No. 515391; OE Ref. 25420-5T0-003)

Sonnax highlights 948TE, Honda/Acura nine-speed, ZF9 zip kit

Sonnax highlights the zip kit #948TE-ZF9-Honda-Zip, which the company says can seal critical circuit pressure losses in Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP48 and Honda/Acura nine-speed transmissions. This kit contains parts to prevent pressure loss within the main line, system, solenoid feed and various clutch control circuits, the company says, targeting the root cause of multiple complaints. No

Simple fixes for bad battery connections

In this article we will discuss bad connections, starting with the battery and ending with, well, the battery. Seemingly every week, we at Certified Transmission get a vehicle in that has an issue at the battery terminals; and if it isn’t causing an issue right now, it will sooner or later. All the following cars

Transtar highlights valve kit for Chrysler, Honda/Acura, ZF transmissions

Transtar highlights its solenoid pressure regular valve kit for Chrysler 948TE, ZF9HP49, and Honda and Acura nine-speed transmissions, covering model years 2014 to 2022. According to the company, features of the kit include: A hardcoat anodized aluminum valve that combats premature wear; Highly wear resistant billet sleeve seals bore from wear-related fluid loss that provide

Sonnax introduces new nine-speed kits for ZF, Chrysler and Honda/Acura

Sonnax has introduced a new line of valve kits for nine-speed transmissions, including ZF9HP48, Chrysler 948TE and Honda/Acura nine-speed transmissions. According to the company, these kits feature hardcoat anodized aluminum valves that combat premature wear, and can restore proper pressure regulation, line pressure regulation and solenoid pressure regulation in nine-speed transmissions. Part numbers include: Shift

T-56 Bellhousings for Honda Applications

 These Quick Time bellhousings mate a GM style T-56 Magnum or T-56 Viper Transmission to the popular S2000 (p/n RM-4011) Honda engine and (p/n RM-4012) K20/K24 L4 engine. Built from high-quality grade steel, the cone is spun not stamped or rolled making this bellhousing dimensionally stable and accurate. It is S.F.I. 6.1 certified, which is

Honda Odyssey Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed

According to, a Honda Odyssey class-action lawsuit has been dismissed after minivan owners “failed to adequately allege a defect in the Transmission.” The Car Complaints noted that the lawsuit alleged there were defects in 2018-2019 Honda Odysseys equipped with 9-speed ZF automatic transmissions that may have suffered from “rough, delayed, or sudden shifting or