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Honda CR-V Light Throttle Vibration

Complaint: A 2012 to 2014 Honda CR-V may have complaints of a surge, shudder or vibration while driving under light throttle. Cause Software part number 37820-R5A-305 is faulty. Correction: Update automatic transmission software and change the transmission fluid using DW-1 fluid. Fluid capacities are 2.2 Liters (2.3 Qts.) for the 2 Wheel Drive models and

Honda CR-V: Which Model Year Easier to Service: 2011 or ’16?

This month, we look at the evolution of the Honda CR-V through the eyes of a tech. Is this little SUV getting easier to service, or did the engineers forget about us? Full disclosure: Honda Research & Development and Honda Manufacturing are Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) customers, and as I stated ealier, I have had a love affair with Honda for almost 50 years.
But I won’t let that keep me from reporting the truth as I see it.