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Outgrowing the walls: The story of EVT Transmission Parts

There’s an interesting business, one of our industry’s success stories, located in the greater Los Angeles area city of Compton, CA. Walter Quintanilla is the owner of EVT Transmission Parts, which supplies a full line of parts and supplies to rebuilders in the area and beyond. The company began as a Los Angeles transmission shop

GFX introduces two new filters, two new hard parts

GFX has announced four new products: two filters and two hard parts. The first filter (pictured above) is for Ford models from 2017 and on, and is designed to replace OEM part no. JM5Z-7A098-A. The second filter (below) is designed to fit GM models from 2017 and on and replace OEM part no. 24268085. The

A part for every need: Hard parts supplier listing 2023

One of the earliest signs that an industry was forming was a transition to specialty transmission hard parts suppliers emerging from general salvage yards, to create the efficient flow of those parts to every shop in the nation. As the automatic transmission became the dominant powertrain option from automakers, some salvage yards specialized in supplying

GFX adds new hard part for JF015E, REOF11A

GFX has introduced a new hard part for Nissan and General Motors transmissions.

Hard parts hunting

Image caption: The diagram representing results from the 2022 Transmission Digest survey of retail shops tracks the various sources those shops rely on for acquiring hard parts. The results don’t provide a breakdown of the original source of the parts. Here we show where the order is placed by the rebuilder. Every April we tend

Superior Transmissions introduces pump components for GM 6L transmissions

Transtar highlights a new line of Superior Transmissions pump components that fit all variations of GM 6L45/6L50 and 6L80/6L90 units. According to the company, these can be installed in conjunction with the STL012 pump upgrade kit or any O.E. Main Pressure Regulator valve, as well as all aftermarket P.R. valve repair kits, including oversized internal


“I think we’re one of the last, large hard parts specialty houses that will ship a part directly to a shop while selling high-volume quantities to perhaps a half dozen production remanufacturer customers,” said Jeff Burris during a recent Transmission Digest visit to Dunkirk, Indiana hard parts supplier Teal Automotive, Inc. Jeff wears several hats as he oversees purchasing and overall facility operations.