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Honda Odyssey BYKA Clutch Piston Seal Failure

Complaint: A 2012 Honda Odyssey equipped with the BYKA six-speed transmission has complaints of erratic shifts. The transmission had an intermittent and inconsistent 2-3 shift. Sometimes it would have a slight 2-3 flare and bump, and sometimes it would have a more serious flare and a large bump. On other occasions, it shifted into third,

Hard Shift Remains after Reset of Shift Adapts

We recently received a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, with a 09A five-speed automatic, with a complaint that it would not move. I determined that the fluid was burnt and black, indicating an internal failure. The check engine light was on and it had codes 00652 – gear monitoring not a plausible signal intermittent; 01045 – Tiptronic switch (F189) not a plausible signal intermittent; and 18032 – MIL request signal active (check TCM for errors) P1624. I drove the vehicle, and the transmission would slip and whine for about a block and then the vehicle would quit moving.