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Solving a 4L60E acceleration shudder puzzle

Today’s story concerns a 2007 Chevrolet pickup with a 5.3L V8 engine paired with a 4L60E transmission. The customer reported a slight shudder during acceleration, one that was particularly noticeable when merging onto the highway. Grabbing the work order and my trusty Snap-on scanner, I headed out to diagnose the issue. “This shouldn’t be too

6F35: A classic bolt intrusion

I remember the first time I took a phone call from a shop that had a GM 4L60-E with a complaint that it felt like it was bound up in both reverse and drive. I you got into the throttle a bit, it would move but with a terrible noise. After the Park Pawl was

Wave Forms Provide Key to Diagnosis

I’m sometimes asked why I take on some vehicles that require more time to fix than I can charge for. My answer is, “because I like the challenge”; besides, you get to learn things you probably wouldn’t have an opportunity to see otherwise. Let me use this 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan (Figure 1) with a late-model GM drivetrain as an example.