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GM’s 2MT70

Getting into the valve body is all we need to do to finalize our brief look at GM’s front-wheel-drive two-mode hybrid transmission.

If you recall from the first article, the TCM and solenoid-body assembly is first removed from the transmission followed by the plate attaching the assembly to the valve body (figures 1, 2 and 3).

GM’s 2MT70

In the June 2010 issue of Transmission Digest we left off looking at the 2MT70 with having gone as far as removing the valve body. Getting back to this unit to have a brief look at the inside of it, with the rear covered removed the drive motor/generator assembly unit B becomes immediately visible (Figure 1). Inside the cover are the fourth clutch and the generator-position sensor.

GM’s Hybrid Two-Mode 2MT70 Transmission, Part 1

As mentioned and promised in the February issue of Transmission Digest, we will take a quick peek at the front-wheel-drive version of the longitudinally mounted two-mode 2ML70 transmission, called the 2MT70 (Figure 1).