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How Changing Gear Ratios Helps Prevent Drivetrain Damage

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What is little understood by the public is how much work goes into developing a new race car. The platform of the stock GTO is modified to the maximum the rules allow. The car will compete at 2,800 pounds and has 260 linear feet of roll cage in it. A fuel cell, a modified LS6 engine equipped with Crane cams and producing 420 horsepower at the rear wheels, adjustable gas shocks, racing brakes, an Exedy racing clutch and a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission all work to make this car capable of 160-180 mph.

Math for Mechanics

You can’t read or discuss anything about automobiles without getting into performance figures and estimates.

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The wrong differential was installed when the accident repairs were made two years before. The problem never surfaced until the car was driven more than 30 miles at one time. Since this was a second car, it took two years for the problem to show up.