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Watch: Transmission pans and gaskets

In this video from Transtar, learn the difference between the various types of transmission pans and the gaskets that go with them and why it is important to know these differences. Watch above.

Gasket Removal Solution

TransTec’s Gasket Wizard allows shops to remove gasket paper quickly and thoroughly from separator plates in as quickly as 15-20 minutes. Instead of spending hours scraping the gasket paper off only to scratch and gouge the plate, simply soak the separator plate in the Gasket Wizard solution and watch the paper peel right off!

Dana Bolsters Victor Reinz Brand in North America

Dana Incorporated has made a significant commitment to the Victor Reinz brand to ensure that the highest quality innovative sealing technologies are available to the North American aftermarket. “With more than 30,000 SKUs globally and a focus on problem-solving applications, Victor Reinz is well-positioned to lead the way as the premier aftermarket gasket and sealing

TransTec Gasket Wizard Custom

A demonstration of Gasket Wizard TM solution from Transtar and TransTec®.

TDTG RIR 060420
It’s the Little Things

The phrase, “It’s the little things,” is often times pared with “that count” or “will get you.” Both are true when it comes to a loss of reverse after rebuilding a 4F27E. It is easy to overlook the little things that count and it will be the little thing that gets you.