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Ford FNR5 slipping or no reverse hot

The complaint A Ford vehicle equipped with the FNR5 transmission has a complaint of a severe slipping condition in reverse. As the transmission approaches normal operating temperature, reverse movement is non-existent. The cause The case is cracked behind the low reverse clutch apply piston in an obscure area. The crack can be very difficult to

Ford FNR5 Setting P0735 After Overhaul

The complaint A 2008 Ford Fusion equipped with the 2.3 liter engine and FNR5 transmission was setting trouble code P0735 after overhaul. The transmission was removed and disassembled for inspection. The direct fifth gear drum was air checked and it was found to be leaking. The drum was replaced and the transmission was reassembled and

Another Clever Engineering Design

This month I’m revealing another very clever engineering redesign with a Ford/Mazda transmission. The Ford FNR5 is the five-speed version of the previous four-speed 4F27E. Mazda uses the 5NR5 designation for its redesigned FN4A-EL.