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Diagnosing Ford 10R60, 10R80 and 10R140 series speed sensor issues

Ford 10-speed 10R series transmissions utilize four two-wire, Hall-effect sensors — TSS, ISSA, ISSB and OSS — for providing speed signals to PCM or TCM. They are supplied nine volts by a PCM or TCM and assist in the control of clutch apply/release timing that is used in determining shift quality, including TCC. Here are

Sonnax introduces 10L/10R LPC signal damper piston kits

Sonnax has introduced a new line of LPC signal damper piston kits for Ford and GM 10-speed transmissions. Sonnax says these kits can correct EPC circuit pressure variation for these transmissions by replacing the worn OE damper and installing the appropriate kit. The kits install without the need of reaming the valve body.

Sonnax unveils valve kits for ten-speed Ford, GM transmissions

Sonnax highlights its valve kits for Ford and GM ten-speed transmissions. The first of these is a line of oversized main pressure regulator valve kits #105740-20K (pictured above) for GM 10L60/80/90 (Gen. 1) and Ford 10R60/80/90/140 transmissions and #105740-21K for GM 10L60/80/90 (Gen. 2) transmissions. The company says these kits can recover hydraulic control and

Critical wear areas and vacuum test locations: GM 10L and Ford 10R series

Sonnax has provided the following guide on critical wear areas and vacuum test locations for the GM 10L series and the Ford 10R series. Technicans working on these models should find the following four pages helpful. Read more columns from the TASC Force Tips series here.

Sonnax highlights 10L/10R solenoid stabilization retainer, 9T clip insert

Sonnax highlights two product lines for helping with heavy solenoids for GM/Ford 10L/10R and 9T series transmissions. According to Sonnax, the heavy OE LFS solenoids that are common to these transmissions are known to result in collapse of the OE retainer clip. Sonnax 10L/10R solenoid stabilization retainer with thicker and longer clip with positive stop

Sonnax introduces new pump vane for Ford and GM transmissions

Sonnax highlights its line of pump vanes for GM 6T70/75 (Gen. 1), 10L60/80/90 (Gen. 1 and 2), Ford 6F50/55 and 10R60/80/90 transmissions. Sonnax touts this pump vane (part no. 124533) as a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire pump rotor assembly.

RatioTek introduces new tuner kits for GM, Ford 10-speed transmissions

RatioTek has introduced new transmission tuner kits for GM and Ford 10-speed transmissions. According to the company, these kits install from the bottom without the need to remove the transmission. Benefits of both kits include, according to RatioTek: increased torque capacity, and lube flow; fixed common complaints of neutraling out and bang downshifts; and quicker