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Reman U: The importance of company culture

Deep-rooted culture. Shared values. Common goals. Teamwork. Family. Friends. Commitment. These are just some of the things that make us successful. When we hire a new employee, we look so much further than the basis of “Can this person do the job?” We bring people in who we’d like to have a beer with, someone

ETE Reman Updates Manual Transmission Line-Up

An updated line-up of remanufactured manual transmissions is now available from ETE Reman. These units include applications for Chrysler (FCA), GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan and VW. ETE says that core returns are simplified via phone, text or online. Internal parts have been inspected for gear wear, mainshaft straightness and synchronization. These units are hot, cold,

Wayne Colonna Becomes ETE REMAN Technical Director

Wayne Colonna answers questions about his new position.

Customer Facing

“Quality is the ante to play in this industry, so just providing quality products doesn’t differentiate us,” said Jim Young, Director of Systems at ETE REMAN. “Where we stand out is the customer relationship. In reality, that’s how ETE became what it is.

ETE Reman – Expanding

Three years ago, ETE REMAN purchased a former Walmart in Milwaukee, Wis., to address the growing demand for remanufactured transmissions. Adding 160,000 square feet has allowed ETE to grow its employee base to 450 people.
“As our production grew over the years, new departments were created to efficiently support demand. Using Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S philosophies, we did our best to create an efficient process. But moving parts from each department through the entire build procedure became difficult with the existing floor plan and lack of space,” says Lawrence Loshak, Vice President of Manufacturing.