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Avoid Brand X Parts Twists and Turns

Certain aftermarket serpentine belts can create an electrostatic discharge that can impact electrical components that happen to be too close, such as the TCM. In this particular model truck, the TCM is not too far away from the belt, and that was causing the erratic transmission operation and trouble code.

Transmission With a Mind of its Own

A customer had brought in her 2010 Ford Escape equipped with a 3.0L engine and the 6F35 transaxle. The customers concern with the vehicle was that the transmission slipped intermittently. We started our evaluation with a quick visual inspection of the vehicle and checking fluids, all of which checked out good.

Mazda CX7 Shift Issues with DTC (Component Appearance May Be Deceiving)

A customer arrived at the shop driving a 2007 Mazda CX7 equipped with 2.3L engine and a six-speed automatic. Depending on year, a Mazda CX7 could have several different transmission types from four-speed to six, but this model has an Aisin TF81SC (AW6A-EL).

The customer stated that recently the transmission was acting a bit strange and that the check-engine light would come on as well. The vehicle was taken for a test drive and sure enough a problem existed: erratic shifting. At times though, the unit seemed to work fairly well, which meant at least all of the basics were there.