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Alphabet Soup and Employee Engagement

In short, engaged employees give a damn about your company. They’re not working just for a paycheck; they’re working because they’re connected to your company’s values, committed to its goals, and feel responsible for its successes or failures. Not only are they valuable as employees, they’re valuable as recruiters, salesmen, and marketers.

The Squeaky Sales Team Gets the Grease

This month’s article is a bit of fun, a bit of made-for-your-entertainment videography and a bit of a business lesson. My team of transmission sales reps destroyed our $2,000 Dell color laser multi-function printer with sledgehammers. Yep. I let them do it. In fact, I watched from my office window and smiled.

Suceeding Through Diversity

From thousands of transmission technicians working in shops across the country, stories abound as to how each one found their way into the world of transmissions. With different ages, races and sexes occupying the trade, individuals come with varied levels of interest, education and ambition. As such, there come different levels of success in personal accomplishments and financial gain.