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E4OD/4R100 Component Upgrade: Mix and match is not an option

E4OD/4R100 Component Upgrade: Mix and match is not an option

Technically Speaking

Author: Mike Riley, Technical Editor
Unit: E4OD/4R100
Vehicle Application: Ford trucks
Issue: Component changes

4R100 Flow Issues

The 4R100 has come by its flow problems honestly. It has inherited them from the E4OD.

4L80 E Converter-Clutch Failure in 2000 & Up Vehicles

If you were involved in the transmission industry when the E4OD transmissions began coming to local shops, you probably experienced the nightmare of cracked converter clutches. The primitive code-retrieval methods on the early transmissions were usually little help in finding the root cause of the problem. The aftermarket converter rebuilders recognized the cracks in the converter clutches early on. Some made vain attempts at welding the cracked converter clutches, while most others recommended a factory replacement converter.

E4OD/4R100 Safety Alert

The concern addressed in the bulletin is that the wiring from the overdrive switch may not be routed properly and may come into contact with a steering-column-cover mounting screw and cause a short. This short will blow the #17 fuse.

Code 47/633 in E4OD/4R100

Many technicians are familiar with the problem of early shift scheduling on the 4L80-E transmission. This prob¬lem is caused by a 4×4 low range signal being sent to the computer at an inappropriate time. Vehicles equipped with the E4OD/4R100 transmission may also have this type of problem. A code 47/633 is usually your first clue in identifying this condition. Since Ford uses the same wiring harness in both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive vehicles, you may find code 47/633 in both types of vehicles.