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How to service Volkswagen, Audi dual clutch transmissions

You may have heard the term “DSG” or “DCT” being used when referring to Volkswagen/Audi transmissions. DSG, which stands for “direct shift gearbox,” is the marketing term used by VW/Audi for their dual-clutch transmission (DCT). In simple terms, this type of transmission is composed of two separate manual transmissions inside a single case, each one

Dual Clutch Transmissions: Are They the End of the Torque Converter?

We have enjoyed two major designs of transmissions for many years. The manual transmission where the driver disconnected the power flow from the engine to the transmission by stepping on the clutch pedal and manually moving the shift lever from the present gear to the next gear to be selected.

Shock on a Clutch Release

The DL501-7Q is the manufacturer’s designation of Audi’s 0B5, seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. It’s a real beast of a transmission weighing in more than 300 pounds, which is certain to hurt your back if you do not handle it correctly. There are quite of few of these running around on the streets here in the U.S. and many more worldwide. A code set for a transmission range sensor is one reason a vehicle will find its way in for repairs. Another more common reason is shifting issues related to the double clutch drum assembly.