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RatioTek introduces new tuner kit for Ram trucks

RatioTek has announced a new transmission tuner kit for the AS69RC transmission, a six-speed automatic transmission that was made for Dodge by the Japanese gearbox manufacturer Aisin Seiki. The kit fits 2013 and later 3500/4500/5500 Ram trucks. According to the company, the kit recalibrates clutch solenoids for increased clutch oil apply pressures. It installs from

Tips and tricks for Chrysler switch valve plug testing

As technicians, we are often faced with build issues that can sometimes be frustrating at first. But with a little ingenuity, these frustrations can be turned around and made simple. In 1989, Dodge came out with the first fully hydraulic electronic-solenoid shifting transmission, the A604 (no shift valves), which later became the 41TE. Originally, there

Alto releases spring retainer, filter screw for 68FRE

Alto has announced two new aftermarket products for the Chrysler 68RFE, model years 2007 and on. The first of these products is a billet aluminum fourth clutch spring retainer (22 hole, part no. 128326UP2). The second (Alto part no. 128325) is a spin-on filter screw with grade 8 steel for the Dodge Ram 6.7Lt.

Fixing JF011E primary pulley pressure sensor issues

A 2.4L Dodge Caliper using a JF011E CVT2 transmission developed a problem with the Primary Pulley Pressure sensor. A low circuit error code P0842 was pulled from the TCM. The sensor ground and 5-volt wiring circuits were checked and verified as good. The signal wire was then inspected and was also verified as good. There

CTA introduces Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set

CTA Manufacturing Corp. has introduced a new Chrysler Cam Phaser Holding Set (Left/Front and Right/Rear). The tools are for VVL (variable valve lift) only and are not for use on VVT (variable valve timing) engines, the company notes. These tools can be used to service newer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep models with Pentastar VVL 3.6L engines. The set

How to set up a Snap-on scanner for Dodge Secure Vehicle Gateway protocol

If you have tried to scan a 2018 and later Chrysler/Dodge vehicle, you may have found a notice on your scanner saying that the Secure Gateway is locked; you can only read codes and are unable to perform clearing of codes or resets. Chrysler is the first company to implement this, and others may follow

Stellantis to invest in electrified transmission development in Indiana plants

Stellantis announced plans to invest a total of $229 million in three of its Kokomo, Indiana, plants for electric transmission development. The investment will support retooling of the Kokomo Transmission (KTP), Kokomo Casting and Indiana Transmission plants to produce the fourth-generation eight-speed transmission. This new transmission will have the flexibility to be paired with internal

62TE shifting issues: A problem caused by the invisible

A rebuilt 62TE transmission gets installed into a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan with a 3.6L engine. Three thousand and four hundred plus miles later, it develops a variety of shifting problems with no codes stored. The transmission is pulled and when the valve body was removed from the transmission, something unusual is now staring you

Solenoids for 2007-19 Stellantis Transmissions

Electrical solenoids from Transtar fit several Stellantis (formerly FCA) transmission applications (including VW Routan). The lists below highlight the transmission model fitments and applications. Name Years 41TE 2008 – 2010 62TE 2007 – 2019 40TES 2012 – 2013 41TES 2011 – 2016 62TEA 2011 – 2016 Transmissions Years Vehicle Drive Types 2008 – 2016 Chrysler

High Horsepower GEN III HEMI 6-Speed Transmission Package

The Stage 2 upgrade takes high horsepower Tremec Magnum 6-speeds to a new level.

ZF 8HP45 Transmission Friction Clutch Pack

The Raybestos Powertrain ZF 8HP45 transmission friction clutch pack Module (p/n RGPZ-278) is designed for high-stress driving, towing, and performance racing applications with this transmission. The pack features (5) GPZ775 A, (5) GPZ776 B, (6) GPZ777 C, (4) GPZ778 D, (6) GPZ777 E made-in-USA GPZ friction clutch plates. GPZ friction material is an upgraded material

47/48RE SFI-Certified Flexplate Shield

Loganbuilt has developed and manufactured the first SFI-certified 30.1 flexplate shield for diesel racing transmissions. SFI flexplate shields are a safety feature required by the NHRA for any vehicle running quicker than 6.40 ET in the eighth-mile, or 10.00 ET in the quarter-mile.  Flexplate shield requirements have been in place for years but they have