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Diagnosing AS68RC intermittent pressure switch/linear solenoid performance codes

Intermittent pressure switch codes on vehicles with the Aisin Seiki AS68RC transmission have been very difficult to nail down to one specific cause. The two most common pressure switch codes for this transmission are P0746 clutch pressure control solenoid A or linear solenoid A performance or “Stuck Off,” which also includes pressure switch 1 mechanical

Repairify introduces asTech All-in-One, asTech Mini diagnostics devices

Repairify recently introduced the new asTech All-in-One solution for local and remote automotive diagnostics, calibrations and programming. The asTech All-in-One is a tablet diagnostics solution with both local and remote capabilities, allowing for OEM and OEM-compatible diagnostics, ADAS calibrations and programming on a vehicle.  According to the company, this product can: Scan using 1,000-plus remote OEM and local OEM-compatible

Snap-on Zeus diagnostic tool updated with new feature

Snap-on has announced a new software release for its Zeus diagnostic tool. A new feature included in this update is a clear view flag tracker, which the company says allows technicians to spot intermittent glitches and quickly hone in on the root cause of a problem. This feature also includes simplified navigation and an updated

Mystery transmission problems: When the code doesn’t match the complaint

This one was a learning experience for me, and I hope my journey will help others if they run into this same scenario. A 2012 Nissan Quest with a 3.5L engine and the RE0F09B transmission came into our shop with the complaint that the CEL was on, there was a loss of power and the

Diagnosing diagnostic codes

The codes being diagnosed in this article are: P0507: Idle speed performance higher than expected P0871: OD pressure switch rationality P0934: Line pressure sensor circuit low A 2006 Jeep Commander using a 545RFE transmission arrived at our shop from an independent muffler and general repair facility with three codes: P0507, P0871 and P0934. The codes

Bosch issues ADS software update

Bosch has released the 4.21 software update for the ADS and ADS X series tools. The update will include more 2022 model year coverage from foreign and domestic brands, added ADAS calibrations and additional functional tests and features, the company says. According to Bosch, the latest ADS software version adds the following functionality and optimizations

The diagnostic value of the scope

There was a time in my career when replacing a computer was touch and go. I always tried to do my due diligence and eliminate everything else as a possible cause before replacing the computer, but sometimes that wasn’t enough, and I would miss something along the way. That was long before I learned how

Vehicle Diagnostic Approaches

Proper diagnosis of a vehicle problem today is important, to avoid wasted time and expense as well as alienating customers. There are various diagnostic approaches based on vehicle type and access to relevant information is imperative. A capable scanner is also a must to address many of the issues.

Update: CVT Program Video

CVT diagnosis and repair has become increasingly difficult due to the computer controls.

Diagnostics vs. Repair Roles

Being relatively new to transmission diagnostics, I’m always learning new techniques to try and simplify the process. However, at times it still can be overwhelming. After my years as a reman plant worker and R&R technician, I find there is more of a mechanical approach in the transmission repair field compared to the electrical side

Solenoid Testing Machine

Hydra-Test’s new machine is enhanced with expanded features.

Use TSB’s in Your Diagnostic Routine

When diagnosing today’s complex vehicles, we have a wealth of information at our disposal. How we use that information is crucial in making the correct diagnosis the first time, every time. In some cases the diagnosis may be cut and dry (fluid is burnt, the pump is whining, and the vehicle will not move). In other cases, the diagnosis may not be as easy, or worse; we may “think” or “assume” we already know the problem.