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Software Upgrade Helps Unlock Full Potential Diagnostic Platforms

With the latest Snap-on software release, professional technicians get the full potential of their diagnostic platform to increase their productivity and overcome even the toughest obstacles more quickly. From the moment they power-on, technicians can confidently service customers with a tool containing unparalleled depth in general and collision repair coverage for Asian, domestic and European

The Secret Code

When an electrical failure or some type of system failure occurs, prompting the computer to initiate a programmed failsafe condition for the transmission, it is essential for the technician to have the ability to obtain the diagnostic service code that accompanies the failsafe condition. Not having the ability to obtain this code or codes in essence causes the technician to be blind.

Stuck On, Stuck Off or Just Plain Stuck

With the introduction of OBD-II, a ton of additional codes became available (remember, we were always asking for more information). In some instances, these new codes were a great help because they did not just indicate a short or an open circuit but also pointed to parameters that were out of range, which included both mechanical and electrical problems.

A Case of Hide and Seek

One of the many automotive animals that technicians have to wrestle with is finding the definitions for the ever-increasing number of diagnostic codes. And then, of course, their definitions are being represented by a seemingly endless list of acronyms associated with that code. TCC, VSS and TPS are just a few recognizable acronyms in our industry today.