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Fixing Today’s Transmissions Requires More than New Parts

It wasn’t too many years ago that when you got a vehicle in for a slip or flare the transmission was pulled and rebuilt. When installed it road-tested fine and down the road it went. There were no computers or sensors; there were T.V. cables, vacuum modulators and governors.
Times and cars have changed. Today there are so many things outside of the transmission that can cause transmission problems. You must be sure that your diagnosis leads you to the transmission before pulling that transmission out, especially a front-wheel drive. The last thing you need is to pull the transmission and find nothing wrong inside.

Less Time Spent Diagnosing

We sold a 4L60-E to a neighboring shop, which installed it and then brought it back to us because of a P0753 shift solenoid A code. The code would recur consistently and almost immediately when the vehicle was driven. However, the transmission would NOT go to failsafe; it would continue working fine (this is a key point).