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5R110W Lubrication Concern (Warm weather – no problem, but winter’s coming)

We all know that certain transmission models exhibit problems based upon temperature levels. Most of the time, heat is the overriding factor, but in this installment of Technically Speaking, we’re going to look at models which are more susceptible to cold.

Later-model 5R110W transmissions could fit into this cold-temperature column; however, it would be prudent to inspect any 5R110W, regardless of the model year. When Ford launched the 5R110W in 2003, a unique cooler-line filtration system was developed and used for several years. Instead of a normal inline filter that merely splices into the pressure or return cooler line, the 5R110W used a bypass filtration design.

AX4S/AX4N – No Go/No Charge

With their fingers crossed and the cooler-return line still in the bucket, they start the car up. The cooler line makes a little pop, a spit, some foamy fluid then, lo and behold, a nice clean steady stream of fluid comes out of the line. Mission accomplished. The converter has charge. After the cooler line is re-connected, the trans is topped off, road tested and everything works perfectly. End of story you say. Not quite yet. The question that remains is what did we do to correct whatever was wrong with the unit? We did not find anything to point a finger at as to the cause of the problem.