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9T65 Traverse Converter

Consolidated Vehicle Converters has introduced a 9T65 converter for use with the ’18-’19 3.6L Chevy Traverse with the RS package (#BU74).

Consolidated Vehicle Converters: Heavyweight Contenders

Consolidated Vehicle Converters, Inc. (CVC) founder Julie Maynard-Turner says she didn’t set out to create the large-scale torque converter remanufacturing operation that the company has become. She remembers her start-up in April of 1996 with herself & one employee. Soon afterwards, her sister Marcia Maynard-Prugh joined the effort, to be followed later by her brother-in-law Tim Prugh. After a brief absence from the industry her father, John Maynard, a pioneer in the converter rebuilding industry, also came on board. “At age 84 he still comes into the plant every day and is a vital part of our management team and we’ve all adopted his work ethics,” she recalls.