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Transmission Tech: Remote Assisted Programming

In this Transmission Tech video, Mike Riley discusses the RAP 2 and Euro kit functions and directions.

Computer Reprogramming

There was a time, long ago, when the owner of a vehicle would experience a transmission problem and roll into a repair facility to have it addressed. The issue would be diagnosed, the offending components would be repaired or replaced, and once done final adjustments would be made either before or after a thorough road test. Fine tuning was limited to the adjustment of a throttle rod or cable, turning a screw a couple of times on a modulator, or changing a spring on a governor. So much for the good old days!

Re-flash – Read All About It

I find any articles or training related to the topic of re-flashing or reprogramming computers to be of great interest and a great help to me and to all transmission technicians because it has become a very prominent repair procedure. In fact, looking through the past 10 years of OE bulletins, I find that the ratio of actual repairs versus computer reprogramming has changed dramatically, totally favoring computer reprogramming.

Reprogramming Our Procedures

We’ve heard many times how we can fix transmission problems by reprogramming the computer and how important it is to check for updates when dealing with a new problem or symptoms. Most of the technical-information sources have been preaching this for several years now, but it is important to note that you cannot rely on traditional service bulletins for complete information on vehicle-software updates.

Point of Vue

I happened to be looking through some newly received factory bulletins from GM and came across an interesting one concerning the Saturn Vue and Ion. These models that are equipped with the AF33/23-5 five speed automatic have been around since 2002.